About Safdar

Safdar Hussain is a graduate of Law from the University of Toronto. Currently, Safdar is leading his own successful client-focused real estate business and is also assisting his spouse, Rukhsana Kousar, in managing her law firm.

Safdar has been an active grassroots member of the Liberal Party for the past decade, and he has worked in a multitude of different roles in various capacities within the party. Safdar is always one of the first people to step forward to lend a helping hand or as a volunteer to assist those in need. Safdar’s tireless efforts over the last decade have not gone unnoticed, and his intense desire to be a vocal advocate.

He has also been actively involved when it comes to the Brampton community, from supporting the William Osler Health System over the years, to participating in numerous food and clothing donation drives. Safdar is also member of the Funeral Aid Society of Peel – an organization that helps cover the necessary expenses for those who cannot afford to bury their loved ones, so that no family feels helpless due to their financial circumstances.

Safdar can be counted on to do the right thing for Brampton when it matters the most because nothing else matters more than the wellbeing of the City he calls home.